product use

From seed starts through top dressing a 25 year old orchard, our products are used during all life phases of plants. See below for specific instructions for your plant's current life phase. 


Seed Starts

While you can plant directly into our compost or 50/50 blend we recommend seeding in a potting mix. Potting mixes are lighter and fluffier giving new roots a more favorable environment in which to grow and develop. 

new raised bed.jpg

New Raised Bed

Compost should be uniformly applied over the entire area at an average depth of 1-2 inches and then incorporated to a depth of 6-8 inches. Higher application rates of compost may be used if the compost is incorporated to a greater depthRake the soil surface smooth prior to seeding or planting. The soil surface should be free of large clods, roots, stones, and other material that will interfere with planting. The amended area should be watered thoroughly after planting. If tilling isn't possible fill bed with 50/50 Blend. 


Existing Bed

Top dress existing planting beds with 1-2″ of compost ideally in the fall or secondarily in the spring prior to planting. Applying compost in the fall allows nutrients to leach into the soil over the winter months. 


Lawn & Turf

For new lawns, spread compost 2" thick and till to 6" depth. Top dress existing lawns 1/4" each spring and fall. Compost application will green your lawn while saving on watering. Overseeding while spreading compost can also help revive a patchy lawn. See our spreading services for help on application.


Establishment (bare root)

Excavate a planting hole slightly shallower and 2 to 3 times the width of the root structure. Uniformly blend compost with the excavated soil at one (1) part by volume compost to 2-3 parts by volume soil. Ensure roots are pointing down and not curling back towards the surface. Backfill and firm the soil blend around the root system within the planting hole. Always water thoroughly after planting.

Alternatively, spread compost 1/2" over entire new block or planting strips and till in if possible. 


Existing Orchard & Vineyard

Spread compost 3/8" thick in the planting strips once every 1-3 years. Mix compost with lime, gypsum or other amendments to save on time in the orchard. Cover with straw or mulch to keep the soil cool. Application is most preferable in the fall or secondarily the spring.See our Orchard spreading page for more details or for a quote on application services.