Food, Clothes, Shelter


The equinox has come and gone and our northern hemisphere has transitioned into Autumn brilliance. The hot summer winds have laid down their ravaging arms and made way for cool mornings and calm afternoons—perfect work weather. During this time at the Dirt Hugger site, we tend to see a much welcome uptick in traffic as folks begin to tidy up their landscapes and make a final push with their gardens, farms, and fields. Working in the world of compost, much like the worlds of our landscaper and farmer friends, is a cyclical journey of seasonal rushes and lulls—working hard during the go-time and using the times of torpor for recoup, reflection, and planning. When it comes to all this ancient and instinctual Fall preparation, we want to make sure we have our customers covered—not just to survive but to thrive.

So going down the list, one of the main areas we can serve is in the food department. That’s what we’re all about, closing the loop and recycling nutrients into a high quality compost to amend the soil and grow more nutritious food, ad infinitum. A number of customers have come in lately talking about covered raised beds and cold frames to extend their growing seasons—picking fresh greens well into the gloomy season and even looking forward to an early start next year. To meet the soil needs of our customers who demand a lot out of their raised beds, we recently rolled out our Ready To Grow mix. This soil blend offers the perfect fusion of performance, high quality inputs, and price. Ready To Grow will stay light and fluffy in container environments, is receptive to watering without becoming overly saturated, and works well for direct seeding. With Ready To Grow, you’ll be drowning in leafy greens well into winter, so you can give the Spaghettios a break.

Ah, shelter. We gotchya. If you’re trying to make your place warm and inviting, we’re offering a number of bark mulches to help you out. Topping off your paths and walk ways not only reduces mud traffic, but also your neighbors are more likely to make the trek over with a freshly baked pie or cookies if you lay down an inviting walkway. Also, taking the longview, now is the perfect time to seed grass or simply spread a thin layer of compost on your existing grass to add organic matter and soil nutrition, ensuring a robust, vibrant lawn come next spring. To assist with your seeding efforts, check out the EcoLawn Applicator available for rent. It’s the perfect time tool for an efficient, even compost application on your lawn.

And If you’re looking to keep your place warm (literally), we’re thrilled to announce that we are carrying firewood this fall and winter. It’s a first for us, but it is certainly in our wheelhouse. Right now we’re offering a Hardwood Mix, available for pick up or delivery. Fire it up, and put on the kettle.

Oh yeah, we’re offering some fresh new threads to make the autumnal journey in mad style. First up on our ramped up apparel line are both a new hoodie and tee style featuring our classic logo on light, super comfy fabrics. We’re stoked on them. We’re also thrilled to be offering these and all our apparel items on our revamped online store. Order a shirt or hoodie and you’re liable to get a couple stickers too.

Enjoy it out there, and as always, give a shout if you need any help figuring out soil needs for your projects.